Our K-12 food service program provides efficiency, service, and compliant staff for our clients.


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At Dean’s Professional Services, we want to ensure that you are receiving exceptional service from our team. We work everyday to be your full-service solution. 

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Dean Spann, JD, K-12 Program Project Manager
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Phylicia Young, Houston Regional Project Coordinator
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Program Overview 

Our goal is to provide qualified, professional food service staff (food service workers, culinary staff, and management) during planned and unplanned absences and vacancies for K-12 education facilities. 

The K-12 Food Service Program was designed specifically with our clients in mind. We have created a workforce solutions process that provides simplicity, service, and compliant staff.

  • Candidates will be screened, interviewed and selected based on experience, personality and skill.

  • Candidates will be required to pass a background check based on client requirements, (fingerprinting is required), and must have a valid Food Handler Certification on file with DPS.

  • Assignments may be short term (1-2 days) or long term (multiple weeks - semester long)

  • Normal business hours can range anywhere between 6am - 4pm, Monday - Friday depending on the hours of service of the assigned location.

  • *optional afternoon / evening program staff available

  • Attempts will be made to place employees near their closest school location based on region, however this is not gauranteed.

  • Weekly schedules will be sent to designated manager (site specific) on Friday for following week. If you would like to request a different scheduling confirmation method, please let us know.


Employee Benefits

At Dean's Professional Services, we offer an array of benefits for our K-12 food service worker employees. For additional information in regards to benefits, please contact the 

ACA Compliant Healthcare Benefits

DPS offers ACA (Affordable Care Act) Compliant Health Benefit Plans for DPS Employees. Coverage Options include the following.
Eligibility Requirements: 30 days of employment with an average of 30 hours per week.

Payroll Benefits

At DPS, we offer two options to receive your payroll funds. For questions in regards to payroll, please contact the DPS Payroll Team

  • Direct Deposit

  • ADP Aline Paycard - (VISA Prepaid Card)

  • Discretionary 401K Program (eligible after 1 year of employment)

Paid Vacation

Holiday Pay

Continuing Education Resources

Partnership with United Way Thrive


Core Expectations


Call Offs and Late Calls 


DPS employees are required to report to their DPS Project Coordinator for time off, call offs and late calls. This includes vacation requests, sick call and time keeping issues. If requested by the client, employees can also be notified to contact the site manager as well. The DPS Project Coordinator will notify the site manager and provide details on replacement staff (when available). DPS has a time and attendance disciplinary policy for unexcused absences and late arrivals. 

Time Entry & Payroll: 

DPS employees are required to enter their time daily into the DPS WebCenter. Approval process can be customized for the client. DPS Payroll is processed weekly. All time approval is due by Monday at noon of the following work week. 

Performance & Evaluations: 

All performance related matters, HR issues, work-related injuries and disciplinary action are handled by the DPS Project Management Team. The site supervisor should immediately contact Dean’s Professional Services when behavioral, injury or performance issues occur. 

Quality Assurance

Surveys on performance will be distributed to each site manager every 30 days or upon completion of the assignment. Feedback is vital in assisting Dean’s Professional Services with reviews and on going program improvement. Employees will be required to complete a survey regarding the assignment as well. 

Disciplinary Action Steps: 

  • Step 1 - Verbal Coaching 
  • Step 2 - Written Notice 
  • Step 3 - Termination

*Termination may be considered in a situation immediately or when an individual has a consistent pattern or repeated violations

Basic Conduct Standards: 

Employees are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with Dean’s Professional Services and client standards. Violations of standards are grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination. 

Examples of Common Violations: 

  • Falsifying a timesheet
  • Cell phone use while working
  • Gross misconduct or violation of state or federal law 
  • Theft or abuse of employees or employee’s property or company or client 
  • Violation of the drug or nicotine policy
  • Violation of the dress code policy 
  • Excessive absenteeism and/or tardiness 
  • Sleeping on the job
  • Violation of patient confidentiality, if working in a healthcare environment

Dress Code Policy

It is the employee’s responsibility to exercise good judgement in matters of appearance, attire, and grooming while on duty. Violations of the dress code policy are grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

White or black button down / polo shirt, black pants, black belt (if worn) and black slip resistant shoes are required dress code for the DPS K-12 Food Service Workers. 

*If you would like to request a different uniform or will be issuing a uniform to our staff, please notify your DPS Project Coordinator.

Employee Appearance Policy Guidelines:

  • If you are required to wear specific safety equipment, gear or clothing – it is your responsibility to be within guidelines at all times.
  • Black Slip / Skid resistant shoes are required – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Blouses / shirts with open collars that provide inappropriate exposure are unacceptable
  • Untrimmed facial hair, shaggy or unsightly hair are unacceptable
  • Jewelry of any kind should not be worn while working
  • Acrylic Nails are not to be worn
  • Nails should be neat and clean 
  • Tattoos should be covered at all times 
  • Uniforms should be pressed, neat and clean at all times 
  • DPS Employee ID Badge must be worn at all times  
  • Body piercings including tongue, eyebrow, lip, etc. must be removed while on site.
  • Black pants should be work pant style, example - dickies brand / khakis 
  • No Jeggings, wripped / torn, sagging allowed - NO EXCEPTIONS